Sequence: Natural solutions to prevent floods

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Sequence: Natural solutions to prevent floods
Keywords: STEM, High school, Cross-curricular approach, Nature-based solutions, Flood resistance

Run time: 210 min

Delivery Mode: in class, research at home

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Outline of Activities:
Aim: This lesson has several objectives, such as: a) raising students' awareness of the risks of flood-related disasters due to unsustainable river flows; b) increase students' knowledge of available resources to prevent these risks and increase protection against floods and landslides.
Students will further analyze and identify risks, applying their knowledge of the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, geology and biology). Analyzing the data of available research results, they will also cooperate and propose solutions to prevent such risks (such as embankment erosion, embankment permeability due to deforestation, deforestation on the river bank, waste disposal in favor of the river, embankment coverage by flood prevention plants, afforestation river banks, which increases flood resilience, management and planning policies, and a sustainable bioeconomy).

- Key subjects and topics of the 21st century: Global consciousness; Ecological literacy.
- Learning and innovation skills: Creativity and innovation; Critical thinking; Troubleshooting;
  Communication; Cooperation. The latter is important because students will work in groups and
  must collaborate with their peers.
- Information, media and technological skills: Information literacy; ICT literacy

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