Sequence: Learning Activities with Ozobot

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Sequence: Learning Activities with Ozobot
Keywords: Programming, Ozobot

Run time: 160 min

Delivery Mode:Explain to students how to program an Ozobot using color codes. (This one
activity will take place before this hour)
Students will receive a sheet of paper with a marked route. Explain that starting from the beginning, the Ozobot
must be programmed so that reaching Stop on any route, to collect at least 3 items
decorative for the cake. You can complicate things a bit by timing the elapsed time !!
Programming is done by filling in the blanks by staining. You can fill in the blanks
even in black if you don't want to place a code there !!!
Before you start collecting the decorative elements, hold down the Ozobot button until
the LED flashes white, place the Ozobot on the black dot for calibration. It's ready for adventure
when the LED flashes green !

Resources: Ozobot Bit,paper, crayons

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Date: 20 September 2021 06:57 AM
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