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Hi Peter,

Specifically about Share Resources, here are some of the changes we are adding in 1.1:

You'll have the option of openning the resource in a separate window (pop-up) or in the lower frame (just as it is now). If you want your students to copy/paste URLs and stuff, then the pop-up option will do best.

In addition, if the Share Resource activity has one and only one resource, it will be openned straight away when the students get to that activity (instead of the few clicks they need to go thru to open it now).

Does these address most of your concerns? If not, let me know and we can possibly accommodate for some few extra little changes. But I can't promise much though :-)



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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I think the proposed changes are the best that can be made under the very diverse circumstances.

Many thanks


Posted by Peter Miller

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