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1: about workflow in LAMS
08/16/06 09:13 PM
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hi,Professor D.James:
From the instructions of LAMS, I hava read ont of Specifications of LAMS is "Presentation, logic and workflow separation: LAMS has been implemented to allow the application to have a clean separation of presentation, logic and workflow allowing for simplified development, modification to look and feel etc."
I want to know how technology of workflow being employed in LAMS. Could you give me some details about it?
Shang Z.M.

Posted by shang zm

2: Re: about workflow in LAMS
In response to 1 08/20/06 02:10 AM
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Hi Shang Z.M.

For general details on how LAMS treats workflow, see the LAMS V2 development website
especially the bits about the "progress engine" (do a search for "progress engine", "process engine" and "workflow engine").

For some LAMS Community discussion of branching features in future development of the workflow engine, see

Separate from this, we are just starting a major new project on workflow for eResearch activities which will be building on LAMS. For an initial set of slides about this work (called "RAMS" - Research Activity Management System) see

Posted by James Dalziel

3: Re: about workflow in LAMS
In response to 1 03/31/07 01:40 AM
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Thank you for the RAMS powerpoint dada.
Jong Ki Lee

Posted by Jong-Ki Lee

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