Sequence: Preparing students for TBL

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Sequence: Preparing students for TBL
Preparing students for TBL


This module provides an introduction to any TBL course. It is designed to overcome student resistance (and even hostility) to a teaching approach that requires them to pre-learn course materials for assessment in class, and to quickly build a positive and productive learning culture in student teams, and in the classroom as a whole. This session prepares students for the course as a whole by establishing healthy teamwork very quickly. It makes following class sessions very productive and efficient.

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People using this module are encouraged to download the paper describing this session. Reference: Balan, P., Clark, M. & Restall, G. 2015, 'Preparing students for Flipped or Team-Based Learning methods', Education + Training, vol. 57, no. 6, pp. 639-657.

Peter Balan OAM, University of South Australia, Australia
Michele Clark, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Greg Restall, University of South Australia, Australia

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All content in this lesson is owned by author(s). This lesson is based on the "Ensuring Student Buy-in and Engagement with TBL or Flipped Classes" module in TBLC Resource Bank.

Keywords: TBL

Run time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Delivery Mode: Online or face-to-face


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