Sequence: Kinetic Friction

Sequence Information
Sequence: Kinetic Friction
Keywords: Kinetic, physics

Run time: About 40 mins in class and rest can be complete after class

Delivery Mode: In class, and the assignment should be down after class

Resources: No extra files needed

Outline of Activities:
(1) Show learning objectives.
(2) Learn friction in the daily scene.
(3) Discuss about kinetic friction.
(4) Recall the knowledge before.
(5) Explore the experiment.
(6) Reflect and summarize the class.
(7) Homework.

Audience: High school
Subjects: Physics
Language: English
LAMS Version: 2.5.0.
License: Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike
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Status: Active
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Authored By:   Yeyu Wang
Date: 11 April 2016 04:54 AM
User Comments on Kinetic Friction sequence

    Hi, everyone!

    This is a LAMS sequence of physics about kinetic friction for students in K10 stage 4. It combines pedagogies of behaviorism and social constructivism. This sequence focuses on the reflection and exploration for new acquisition. To make it suitable for all learning styles, this sequence contains variety of media, like images, videos and so on. And according to the affordance of different technology tools and learning objectives, technology tools are selected properly.
    Welcome to my sequence! Thanks!
    Yeyu Wang on April 11, 2016 05:08 AM (view details)