Sequence: Coding and digital storytelling

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Sequence: Coding and digital storytelling
In this sequence we teach year 6 students how to create a basic digital story using Scratch, students will also get the opportunity  to use some Javascript to draw patterns and basic 2D shapes.

Keywords: Coding and digital storytelling, 2D shapes

Run time: 60 mins - if needed can be completed out of class if out of time

Delivery Mode: An in class activity, but as all online can be accessed outside of class if need be

Resources: no extra files required

Outline of Activities: Will develop their IT skills including coding and develop a students critical thinking ability.

Aim is for students to collaboratively progress through the sequence, sharing their ideas and their work as they go.


Digital Technologies: ACTDIP010 - Define simple problems, and describe and follow a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve them

Mathematics: MA3-2WM – Selects and applies appropriate problem-solving strategies, including the use of digital technologies, in undertaking investigations.

        MA3-15MG – Manipulates, classifies and draws two-dimensional shapes including equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles, and describes their properties.

English: EN3-9E - Recognises, reflects on and assesses their strengths as a learner

Pre-requisites or other study required: A login for Scratch

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