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1: New ways of using LAMS
03/18/10 02:57 AM
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Hi! everybody,

In the frame of my thesis fulfillment and after having some full days -from dusk to dusk :-)- of trials and reading, in LAMS community, I finally discovered a way to simultaneous combine of two or more tools and also to navigate (under certain circumstances) backwards, apart from the linear forward movement.

LAMS is indeed a very powerful platform and what I found, makes me think some innovative ways of using it. With this email I would like to make some observations to have them in mind in newer versions of LAMS.

1. It would be very useful to include the functionality of tool branching which can accept conditions of two (or more if possible) activities, combine them and then mapping them to branches.

2. It would be also very useful to include the functionality of importing sequences into optional sequences apart from what is now happening (drag-and-drop existing activities from the Authoring space into the optional box, or create new activities directly inside it).

3. Is it possible to expand LAMS functionality not only to design sequences for students but also to incorporate tools for designers of educational program that teachers could use it as whole(which could perhaps mean to expand if-then-else functionality -expressed now by branching or branching tools- into something more powerful and more independent from sequence or monitoring environment).

Pepy Sakellariou

Posted by pepy sakellariou

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