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1: CSCL Workshop, 8th June 2009
06/08/09 04:19 AM
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I gave a (remote) presentation for a workshop at the CSCL2009 conference in Rhodes, Greece on June 8th, 2009. The workshop was called "Competitive Challenge on Adapting activities modelled by CSCL scripts" and was organised by Christine Ferraris and colleagues. I think these sorts of practical comparisons of systems based on a real scenario are a great idea - so my thanks to the organisers and presenters!

The slides for this presentation are available within the LAMS Community at:

Based on the scenario provided, I create a sequence to match the requirements for this as I understood them (details in my slides) - this sequence does not have any content (ie, no quiz questions, forum topics, etc) - but it has the relevant configuration and settings to match the scenario requirements. The sequence is available at

Details of the whole workshop, including a comparison of the various systems and their approaches, is available at

Posted by James Dalziel

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