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Hi Steve,

If you are using as a server for trialing LAMS, then you are using LAMS2.0. If not, just go there and get yourself an account for the good stuff :-)

> The second immediate thing (and a relatively simple one I would think) that would make a huge difference, is the
> ability to link to another sequence - especially combined with the new branching tool.

We have a feature scheduled (LDEV-750) that will allow you to import a sequence within another sequence. So I guess once you import it, then you can use the branching tool to do the rest. Unless of course you want this to be done dynamicaly (which is too hard and is not part of LDEV-750, at least for now :-) )

> Course Builder into which you drag-n-drop sequences - again, with branching - to create (a section of) a course.

We have discussed this with James and Yoichi before. I think we called it a meta-authoring environment in which you can create aggregation of sequences at a course level.

There are lots of details to be worked out for meta-authoring so we haven't put it in the roadmap yet, but it's great to hear that you find it useful.



Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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