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Well, I've been thinking that the process of creating branches should be similar to the way you create filters for your email. That is: given a few set of parameters "Subject", "Body", "From", "To", dates, etc you can specify branches according to those.

This way of creating rules is also flexible enough to allow a combination of the above parameter "If FROM ernieg@melcoe *and* SUBJECT important, then go to this branch".

So if a rule based system is not so complex to implement, then the key question is: what are the parameters to create rules based on. Of course we have scores, marks, etc... but each tool would have specific outputs. For instance, Q&A doesn't have marks or scores, but it has answers to specific questions. Similarly with Voting, so you need to know the answer of the poll in order to create a branch as well. Also, talking the number of postings in a forum might not be the best way to determine whether someone is talkative or not... You can post 5 postings saying "OK" and that will count you as a talkative person :-)... so maybe something along the line of number of words posted in all postings?

Therefore I think it's important to answer what are the key outputs that you as teacher would like to have to create branches... go as crazy as you can... we are branstorming here.

Posted by Ernie Ghiglione

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Yes, most people think about branching only in terms of directing users through different paths according to testing results. I really welcome the flexibility you are planning to add to the branching functionality in LAMS. Some of the ideas James suggests are very interesting, such as branching according to specific words used in a forum or according to whether the user is very "talkative" or not.

I would like to add one suggestion: branching according to which resources have been chosen by the users. Imagine a situation where the teacher wants groups to work on different topics and consult different types of resources and s/he allows individuals or groups to choose which topic they want to work on. There might be cases in which the types of activities that users can or should engage in might vary considerably according to the specific topic chosen to work on: different "topics" can sometimes be associated to different types of skills or competences for which different types of activities (or sequencings of activities)might be relevant or desirable.

I think it could be very useful if one could device different sub-sequences of activities according to a particular choice made by users at the beginning of the sequence.

Josep M.

Posted by Josep M. Fontana

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Another criteria for branching could be the time spent by the learner on the previous activity/ies.

Posted by Matthias Scheja

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