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1: ED-MEDIA 2006 Learning Design Keynote
06/28/06 06:16 AM
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Attached is my keynote presentation for ED-MEDIA 2006 - details below.


Learning Design: The Birth of Open Source Teaching?


Learning Design theory is a new attempt to describe the foundational elements of the educational process. It provides conceptual and technical tools to describe who is involved in a learning activity, what resources are required for the activity, how the activity is conducted, and most importantly, how a collection of activities are structured into a Learning Design(also called a unit of learning, sequence of learning activities, digital lesson plan, etc). Two distinguishing features of recent work are (1) the description of Learning Designs in machine readable formats so that they can be runby software systems, and (2) the ability to store Learning Designs, and hence share them, search for them, re-use them, adapt them and so on. Taken together, these features of Learning Designs have the potential to transform teaching and learning through the sharing and implementation of good practice. More fundamentally, Learning Design theory may provide a new way to conceptualise the educational process via a shared vocabulary for describing learning activities and how they are combined. The sharing of Learning Designs has already begun, and in many cases, the designs are being shared under open content approaches such as the Creative Commons licensing framework. The combination of an open licensing approach with a rich descriptive framework for educational processes may be the birth of open source teaching

Posted by James Dalziel

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