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1: Basic LAMS Overview presentation
02/21/06 10:18 PM
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I've had a request for a "re-usable" basic overview presentation of LAMS, so I've adapted one of my recent presentations to make it fairly generic and posted it below. This presentation runs through some background ideas, shows screenshots with annotations of the LAMS software (learner, monitor and author), and includes a bit at the end on the LAMS Commuinity (including some early screenshots).

Everyone should feel free to use this presentation for presenting LAMS to colleagues - you're also welcome to adapt it as you need to without needing to check with me first (eg, feel free to delete my name and details and insert your own where relevant!). For those interested in licences, treat the file as licenced under the Creative Commons "Attribution" licence (ie, you can use and modify this presentation for any purpose, including commercially, so long as you give attribution to the original source).

Posted by James Dalziel

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