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1: Representations of LAMS designs plus the learner experience
05/06/10 05:05 AM
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LAMS is clearly a wonderful tool for creating representations of course designs. It may be greatly enhanced with the addition of the student experience for such designs. Better yet if it was also possible to represent the whole-group student experience.

At the University of Glasgow, we've created a new design to elicit and make public a view of the whole-class experience. These mediating artefacts can be grouped and used in a variety of ways to show how whole classes experience a course and a course design. This is potentially a considerable enhancement to representations in LAMS. We call it Shared Thinking and it's a form of whole-group enquiry/inquiry that uses voting technology.

I presented a paper at the Networked Learning Conference in Denmark this week talking about (amongst other things) the idea of placing the representations of whole-group student experience with those for course designs and patterns. The slides are available here

and the very rough web site for Shared Thinking is here

Best Wishes,
Nicholas Bowskill
Faculty of Education
University of Glasgow

Posted by Nicholas Bowskill

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