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12/17/13 08:35 PM
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Apologies for the delay in sending out this newsletter - it's been a busy time with the LAMS Conference, ASCILITE and other travel!

8th LAMS Conference/ICEM 2013 followup

We had a great time at the 8th International LAMS and Learning Design Conference in Singapore in October - it was held as part of the ICEM 2013 Conference at Nanyang Technological University. My great thanks to Daniel Tan and all the team at NTU and ICEM for making this possible.

To see the list of presentations and abstracts, please visit the ICEM 2013 Program webpage, and view the "Learning Design" stream column within the October 2nd and 3rd program sections. See

Progress on Larnaca Declaration & plans for edited book

Prior to ICEM 2013, a group of Learning Design experts met in Bintan, Indonesia to continue discussion of the Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design, and to work towards writing an edited book (with the Larnaca Declaration as the opening chapter).

As a result of these discussion, we've made some improvements and additions to the Larnaca Declaration, so if you are interested in this work, keep an eye on the Larnaca Declaration website over the next week or so for an updated version of the Larnaca Declaration (including the revised Learning Design Conceptual Map diagram that was used by several people for presentations at ICEM 2013). See

ALTC Fellowship Website and Recorded Presentations

The Larnaca Declaration arose, in part, from the ALTC National Teaching Fellowship on Learning Design that I was fortunate to receive from the Australian Government. This Fellowship is now complete, and because of the connections with the Larnaca Declaration, I have put up an extra webpage at the Larnaca Declaration website that contains links to a summary of the Fellowship and Fellowship related websites. See

In particular, there is a link to a number of Slidecasts (slides + audio) on Slideshare covering the key presentations of the Fellowship, including my Keynote for LAMS/ICEM 2013 that summarises the Larnaca Declaration, and discusses next steps for the field of Learning Design. See

ASCILITE & Non-Flash LAMS demonstration

LAMS International was a Platinum Sponsor of the ASCILITE Conference in December 2013. As part of a presentation to the conference, I showed the first screenshots of a non-Flash Authoring interface for LAMS that is nearing completion.

Many people have asked about using LAMS on mobile devices and other non-Flash contexts, and we've already released non-Flash versions of the Learner and Monitor interfaces in the latest releases of LAMS. But we're getting close now on the biggest step - moving to a non-Flash Authoring environment. We expect to release this work in the first half of 2014, at which time LAMS will be completely non-Flash. Well done to Ernie and the tech team!

We'll have more news about this development, and other new features for LAMS in early 2014 - especially new features for Blended Learning where a sequence contains a mix of face to face and online activities (eg, reporting of face to face group outcomes to all students online).

Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2014

On behalf of all at LAMS, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2014!

Posted by James Dalziel

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