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08/30/13 12:18 AM
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LAMS Conference program for ICEM

The program for the 8th International LAMS and Learning Design conference is now available - please see below. This conference is incorporated as a stream within the ICEM 2013 conference at NTU in Singapore, October 1-4th.

Registration for ICEM (in order to join us for the LAMS conference) is available at:

With Diana Laurillard, John Hedberg and Grainne Conole as ICEM keynote speakers, together with all the great speakers below, this should be one of the most significant gatherings of Learning Design experts in recent years!

LAMS & LD Program: October 2nd

1. Panelists: Prof Dianna Laurillard; Prof Grainne Conole and Prof James Dalziel
Synopsis: Discussion of the current Learning Design Landscape

2. Prof Lori Lockyer & Ass Prof Sue Bennett (NB: Sue Bennett to present)
Teacher design thinking: The design processes of expert school teachers

3. Ms Leanne Cameron
Synopsis: Discipline differences in sharing learning designs

4. Prof Sandra Wills & Dr Chris Pegler
Synopsis: A deeper understanding of re-use

5. Dr Eva Dobozy
Synopsis: The evaluation of the de Bono LAMS sequences

6. Dr Chris Campbell
Synopsis: Using learning response systems in HE

7. Mr Emil Badilescu-Buga
Synopsis: Diffusion of research ideas in LD

LAMS & LD Program: October 3rd

1. Prof James Dalziel
Synopsis: A technical architecture for implementing apps in LD systems

2. Dr Matt Bower
Synopsis: A Framework for Adaptive Learning Design in a Multimodal Learning Environment

3. Dr Simon Walker
Synopsis: The relationship of critical digital literacy t the Learning Design Conceptual Map

4. Mr Mohamad Ridwan Bin Othman

5. Mr Ernie Ghiglione
Synopsis: Synopsis: Technical aspects of LAMS at NTU

6. Prof James Dalziel - concluding keynote
Synopsis: The Larnaca Declaration on LD: Implications for the future

New LAMS Course page layout and features

Ernie and the tech team have done some great work on new improvements for the main LAMS course page (the main page after login for stand-alone LAMS servers) - the new approach has better layout for courses/classes and sequences, especially those with lots of sequences. It also includes a feature for simply adding a "one activity" sequence. This will be available in future releases of LAMS. For details and screenshots (and to ask questions), please see:

Latest LAMS Community statistics

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