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04/29/13 11:04 PM
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LAMS and ICEM Conference Submission Dates

The 8th International LAMS and Learning Design Conference will be held as part of the ICEM conference at NTU, Singapore on October 1-3rd, 2013. Submissions for the LAMS and Learning Design stream are open now (due by July 1st). For full details, including submission formats, see

The ICEM conference has extended its submission date for other presentation topics to today (30th April), so if you are interested to attend and present on topics other than LAMS and Learning Design, then (quickly) see

Web Conference in LAMS using Big Blue Button

I am often asked whether it is possible to run live online classrooms inside LAMS sequences - you can do this with the third party Big Blue Button conference tool as it is integrated with LAMS. For a video on how they work together, see

Postcard Activity in LAMS from World Vision

Tim Danes and colleagues at World Vision International continue to innovate in their use of LAMS. A great recent example is the use of a third party "Postcard" tool integrated into LAMS Q&A - for a short video of this in action - see

Non-Flash LAMS interface developments

Ernie and the team are developing the Learner and Monitor interfaces of LAMS with non-Flash options (so they can run on iPhones, iPads, etc) - for the latest development in this area, see the discussion and screenshots at

LAMS Community Statistics as at 30th April 2013

I'm delighted to welcome Marko Puusaar and colleagues from the Estonian e-Learning Development Centre ( ) who are leading the translation of LAMS into Estonian - the 33rd language for LAMS!

Users: 8726
Number of Sequences: 1584
Sequences downloaded: 19943 times
Sequences Previewed: 32181 times
Forum Postings: 7951
Translations to: 33 languages

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