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03/07/13 10:40 PM
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LAMS Conference joins ICEM in Singapore, 1st-4th October, 2013

My apologies for the delay in sending out this newsletter, but I'm now pleased to confirm that we will be holding the 8th International LAMS and Learning Design conference as part of the ICEM conference in Singapore, October 1-4th, 2013. The conferences will share the theme of "we-Learning: Content, Community and Collaboration".

This will be the first time we have held the traditional end of year LAMS conference outside Australia, and we are delighted to be organising the event with our colleagues at Nanyang Technological University, who are hosting the ICEM conference (and have been long-time supporters of LAMS, including hosting the 2011 Asia Pacific LAMS Conference).

The 8th International LAMS and Learning Design conference will be held as a two day stream within the ICEM conference. It will have its own set of presentations and conference proceedings in keeping with past LAMS conferences. As part of the combined event, Diana Laurillard and Grainne Conole will be providing keynote presentations on Learning Design topics.

There are two calls for papers/presentations. For those who need an early response (eg, to organise travel funding), the ICEM invitation for papers is open now and closes on March 31st. You can submit papers/presentations for general ICEM topics as well as for the LAMS & Learning Design stream. See

The call for papers/presentations for the LAMS conference has a due date of July 1st. This submission date applies only for presentations within the LAMS and Learning Design stream (not for the whole ICEM conference). For full details of the 8th LAMS & Learning Design conference, including submission details, see

Larnaca Declaration & OLDS MOOC

At the end of 2012 I mentioned the "Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design" - a new summary of the field of Learning Design arising from my ALTC National Teaching Fellowship and input from many Learning Design colleagues. The Larnaca Declaration now has its own website - see

The Larnaca Declaration has been part of the Open University Learning Design MOOC - I prepared a 8 minute summary podcast about the Larnaca Declaration for this, see

This has led to quite a bit of discussion, especially between Tom Reeves and myself about how Instructional Design relates to Learning Design - you can view this at!topic/olds-mooc-open/9PncEGmeugU

New non-Flash LAMS Monitoring interface

Late last year we mentioned the new non-Flash SVG interface for Learners in LAMS, and this work is continuing with new non-Flash elements for the Monitoring area of LAMS - for examples of both, see

LAMS Community Statistics as at 8th of March, 2013

Users: 8529
Number of Sequences: 1290
Sequences downloaded: 18823 times
Sequences Previewed: 28571 times
Forum Postings: 7828
Translations to: 32 languages
Number of translators: 120

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