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04/17/12 02:03 AM
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LAMS 2.4 is now out!

I've been holding off this newsletter longer than usual until LAMS 2.4 was finished...

Well I'm delighted to announced that LAMS 2.4 is now out! Congratulations to Ernie and the LAMS technical team on this great achievement, and to all the translators and others who have helped test this new version over the past months leading up to this official release.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, LAMS 2.4 has many great features for:
- learners (eg, mobile interface for iPhone/iPad & others)
- authors (eg, new tools and tool features)
- monitors (eg, powerful new notifications to students according to sequence progress - or lack thereof!)
- administrators (eg, major backend improvements including JBoss 5, and Moodle 2 integration).
For a full list of new features, including animations for many of them, see

To try out the new version, visit the LAMS demo server:

If you are installing a new version of LAMS, the LAMS 2.4 Windows installer will be available any moment now. If you have an existing version of LAMS, then the upgraders will be available soon, so keep an eye out for details at:

Learning Design Presentations around Australia

As part of the ALTC National Teaching Fellowship I was fortunate to receive, I will be giving a series of presentations about Learning Design in each state capital in Australia in the coming months. The first one is at the University of Queensland on April 27th, and I'll post details of the other locations and times (in June/July) in the next newsletter.

The University of Queensland session is from 11am-2pm at the AIBN Building 75, Seminar Room 2, no. 132 on the UQ St Lucia Campus. It is kindly being hosted by Phil Long and colleagues at CEIT, UQ - many thanks! For details, please email Virginia Garton:

Over 1000 sequences and new languages

We've now passed the 1000 sequence mark in the LAMS Community repository, and added two new languages in the past months - many thanks to everyone who has made these great contributions to LAMS!

Stats as of: April 17, 2012
Users: 7710
Number of Sequences: 1051
Sequences downloaded: 16658 times
Sequences Previewed: 20881 times
Forum Postings: 7476
Translations to: 32 languages

Posted by James Dalziel

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