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11/08/11 11:48 PM
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December LAMS Conference Program now available

We're now just 1 month away from the 6th International LAMS and Learning Design Conference on December 9th at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. We've just released the draft Program - see

This year provides an excellent set of presentations on the state of the art in the field of Learning Design, and on LAMS. Australian experts including Eva Dobozy, Matthew Kearney, Chris Campbell, Leanne Cameron, Debbie Evans and others will all be presenting on their recent work. And I'm delighted to have a great international group of experts joining us, including Grainne Conole (Keynote), Liz Masterman from Oxford, Simon Walker from Greenwich, Paul Gagnon from NTU Medical school, and Carlos Alario and Spyros Papadakis both from Greece - my thanks to our international visitors for making the long trip downunder to be with us.

Following the success of last year, we will again have one of our Keynotes given by school students who have been designing lessons for their peers in LAMS - the focus this year is on using LAMS in mobile learning contexts.

Online registration is now available at

NB: We have LAMS training workshops on December 8th, and for students there is a substantial discount on registration fees.

Design Bash 2011

The recent CETIS Design Bash held in Oxford was a great success - for more details on the day's activities, see

From a LAMS perspective, I shared some examples of embedded templates from the website. More importantly, I took an example from the LDSE Pattern Collector on Predict Observe Explain, and did a version of this in LAMS. To help illustrate the process of translation from the pattern to the LAMS sequence (and to comment on issues) I took screenshots along the way. The LAMS sequence is available at
and the screenshots of the development process are at

LAMS Presentation at Hellenic Open University, and other recent visits

I had a great time visiting Spyros Papadakis and colleagues in Greece recently to talk about Learning Design and LAMS (this trip was supported by my ALTC National Teaching Fellowship). The presentation was recorded, so for those interested to watch this, see login details at

As part of the same ALTC Fellowship trip, I had the opportunity to present on Learning Design and LAMS for Yael Kali and colleagues at the University of Haifa in Israel, and to attend the Pedagogic Planner and DesignBash meetings in Oxford (see above), as well as to visit London Knowledge Lab to discuss the LDSE/Learning Designer work with Diana Laurillard and colleagues. And to wrap up the round the world circuit, I met with the WISE group at the University of Berkeley. My thanks to everyone who hosted me on this trip - it was a great opportunity for learning about the latest developments in Learning Design to assist my fellowship work (my thanks to ALTC for the support).

Recent LAMS topics in technical community

For those interested in the technical side of LAMS, here are some of the more important recent topics under discussion:

LAMS 2.3.5 Debian package now available:

LessonLAMS in languages other than English: There is interest in a Greek version of LessonLAMS - please let us know if there are other languages that are keen to use LessonLAMS:

Big Blue Button Live Classroom software: We're testing this as a new tools option in LAMS:

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