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Call for Presentations for 6th International LAMS conference, 9th December, Sydney

The call for papers/presentations for the 6th International LAMS and Learning Design conference in Sydney on December 9th is now out - submissions are due 30th September. For submission details, please see

The conference will be held at Macquarie University as in previous years, and we'll have Beginner and Advanced LAMS workshops available on the 8th. We hope you can join us for another great event! For all conference details, see

Pedagogic Planner and Design Bash workshops, Sepember 29-30th, Oxford, UK

As mentioned last newsletter, I'm working with UK colleagues to organise two Learning Design events in late September in Oxford, UK.

The first event on the 29th is a meeting of Learning Design experts to discuss recent work on Pedagogic Planners, including LDSE and the LAMS Activity Planner. This is a small closed event, but please email me if you work in this area and are interested to attend ( Initial information is available at

The second event is a JISC/CETIS Design Bash on the 30th. Sheila MacNeill is organising this event - further details are available on her blog at
and on the Cloudworks site for this event - see:
and at the Eventbright site

Both events are being held at Oxford University Computing Service.

In my last newsletter I floated the idea of a LAMS event on the 28th, but most people are only able to come for the 2 days of 29-30th, so we've decided not to have a formal LAMS event on the 28th - but I expect LAMS folk will get together for a catchup during the other 2 events!

Call for Papers for new TEwT Journal Edition on LAMS and Learning Design

The Journal of Teaching English with Technology (TEwT) invites you to submit articles for its fourth special issue on Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) and Learning Design. The editors are interested in all theoretical and practical articles that help to draw light on some of the key threads in current LAMS and Learning Design literature. Republication of articles or revised versions of articles that have appeared in past LAMS conferences will also be considered. As a principal aim of these cyclical special-issue publications is to offer a venue for academic discussion on LAMS/Learning Design, an open access approach will be adopted. Authors of articles will be able to freely post their articles onto other Internet sites if they so wish, provided they give reference with a URL to the original location of TEwT.

Expected deadline for submission: 30 January 2012

The Editors are interested in articles in the following broad areas:

(1) Factors which influence the way participants use online discussion tools (such as forum, chat) and possible implications for assessment, learner activity and/or learning design.

(2) Designs for teaching and learning activities that actively engage students in their own learning

(3) Tailoring exemplary learning designs to meet an individual lecturer’s particular requirements.

(4) Practical feedback from LAMS users that may lead to the improvement of current LAMS features/functions and/or the development of new LAMS features/functions.

(5) Reports on any LAMS/Learning Design related projects.

The Editors will also consider publishing other papers more broadly related to LAMS, learning design and/or learner activity. Articles should be between approximately 2500 and 6000 words with an abstract of up to 100 words, with references in APA format.

Papers that are accepted for publication will appear in:
· Teaching English with Technology Journal ( ),
· A University-of-Nicosia-Press selected-papers paperback version (to be announced)

Please send you completed articles to Dr Chris Alexander University of Nicosia (TEwT Editor)
For more details see:

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