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02/08/11 11:30 PM
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Call for Proposals for 2011 Asia Pacific LAMS Conference - due 28th February

The call for proposals for papers or presentations for the 2011 Asia Pacific LAMS & Learning Design conference is now open. Submissions are due by 28th February. Full submission details are available at

We're excited that this is the first LAMS conference hosted in Singapore, and hope that many from all around the world can join us. Thanks to our colleagues at NTU for support - and remember that the e-Learning Forum Asia will be in Singapore on June 8th and 9th (straight after the LAMS conference on June 7th), so you can combine these conferences.

The LAMS conference website is now up with other details about the conference and workshops, please see

Moodle 2 integration for LAMS underway

Integrating LAMS with Moodle 2 is one of our top priorities at the moment - lots of people have been asking me about this! Ernie has done some great work already, and now has a test server up and running. For details and a link to the demo site, see

At the moment it is a "standard" integration of LAMS with Moodle 2 (that is, Single Sign On for Teachers and Learners, plus some extra bits of integration), but once this work is complete, we'll move on to a "deep" integration of LAMS with Moodle 2 that will allow you to drag and drop Moodle 2 tools within the LAMS authoring area, and to run sequences using Moodle tools (as well as LAMS tools).

LAMS 2.3.5 installers/updaters available

For those who are keen to get the latest version of LAMS with new features and bug fixes, V2.3.5 is now out. For details of what's in the new version and links to downloads, see

New Forum Search feature for LAMS Community

The LAMS Community now has a new search feature (based on Google custom search) that allows you to search across LAMS Forums for topics of discussion, people, etc - very handy!

LAMS Community now has over 700 sequences, including Kusasa project

We now have over 700 sequences in the LAMS Community, including 24 great sequences from the Kusasa project. These sequences had some great graphics and cartoon stories that focus on thinking skills development. To learn more about the project, see

Many thanks to the Kusasa team and the Shuttleworth Foundation for sharing this great work, and to Jeremy Page for adding this into the LAMS Community on their behalf.

Statistics for the LAMS Community as at February 9th are:

Users: 6468
Number of Sequences: 704
Sequences downloaded: 13714 times
Sequences Previewed: 10268 times
Forum Postings: 6529
Translations to: 30 languages
Number of translators: 110

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