Sequence: Interactive Whiteboard Adoption RolePlay2.1 GroupBranch

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Sequence: Interactive Whiteboard Adoption RolePlay2.1 GroupBranch
NB: This is an updated version of the V1 Interactive Whiteboard Adoption role play - it uses the V2.1 Branching and Group allocation to Branching features.

This sequence is a role play about the adoption of interactive whiteboards in a typical secondary school. Students in this sequence take on one of four roles ("Pro Teacher", "Con Teacher", School Management and Students) to consider issues associated with the adoption of interactive whiteboards.

Keywords: Role play, interactive whiteboards, technology adoption, Learning Design, debate

Subject: Interactive whiteboards adoption role play

Audience: Trainee Teachers, Professional Development for educators

Run time: Recommended for use over one or more weeks, with student participation on a regular basis during this time.

Delivery Mode: Typically fully online and asynchronous, but some parts could be conducted synchronously and/or in a computer lab if desired

Resources: None

Outline of Activities: After an overview of the role play approach and the context for the activities, participants are allocated to one of four roles, and then each role group discusses its approach to the context. After a period of time for this within-group preparation, all groups are combined in a single discussion area to explore the different perspectives on the context. After a period of time for this whole of class discussion, all participants have the opportunity to vote on the adoption, and to reflect on the role play experience.

NB: The sequence file includes two stop points, so users should be aware of this during Preview and implementation.

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