Sequence: TBL - Cultural Dimensions of Teams

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Sequence: TBL - Cultural Dimensions of Teams
Learning outcomes:

1. Recognise and understand established cultural dimensions relevant to team learning dynamics.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of high-context cultures, especially in relation to communication style.
3. Comprehend behaviours and attitudes associated with a polychronic time orientation.
4. Understand the relationship between power distance and egalitarian principles in various cultures.
5. Grasp the values and dynamics emphasised in individualistic cultures, particularly in a team setting.
6. Recognise communication styles, team dynamics, and hierarchies characteristic of low power distance cultures.
7. Apply knowledge of cultural dimensions to predict behaviours and dynamics in specific team scenarios.

Keywords: TBL, Inclusion, Cultural dimension, team work

Run time: 55 minutes

Delivery Mode: in class


Engaging Students In Life-changing Learning
Ining T. Chao, Michael C. Pardy

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