Sequence: EDUC261- Days of significance in Australia

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Sequence: EDUC261- Days of significance in Australia
Keywords: google docs, padlet, chat and infographic.

Run time: Approximately 40 minutes

Delivery Mode: online

Resources: All internally linked to: google docs, padlet and infographics.

Outline of Activities: Students begin by using google docs to share their chosen topic for the investigation into days/weeks of significance in Australia. They then create questions to frame their research on padlet and seek to answer these questions throughout the lesson. The students then chat to others in their class doing the same topic about quality sources to gain answers to their questions about their day of significance. Students use this information to then answer their questions and others' questions on their occasion of importance. To show their understanding students create infographics on canva.

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Audience: Elementary
Subjects: Education History
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Date: 24 December 2016 11:44 PM
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