Sequence: EDUC261 addition and subtraction

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Sequence: EDUC261 addition and subtraction
In this activity we aim to develop students knowledge and understanding of addition and subtraction.
Keywords: Stage 1 maths, addition, sutraction, education, primary maths, australia

Run time: Approx 40mins

Delivery Mode: computer - student

Resources: iPads, Computers, osmo numbers

Outline of Activities:
Initiating prior knowledge through videos
Answering addition questions
Using Osmo Numbers - in pairs
Add & Subract problems
Patterns, and justifying their answer
Addition word problem
Reflect on their tasks
Reflect on their favourite actvity

Pre-requisites: addition and subtraction strategies

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Audience: Kindergarden Elementary
Subjects: Education Mathematics
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Authored By:   Isabelle Lewis
Date: 15 April 2016 08:55 PM
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