Sequence: Stage 3 Australian Colonies

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Sequence: Stage 3 Australian Colonies
Keywords: History, English, Australian Colonies, Contestability, Indigenous

Run time: 40 Minutes

Delivery Mode: Online, part or broader learning program

Resources:, Google Docs.

Outline of Activities: Experimental lesson that revises already learnt Stage 3 History content. Students record a perspective on Australian Settlement/Invasion and then proceed on a branching sequence of the opposing perspective. Students take on a historical perspective and collaborate with their respective group to form an argument to support their new perspective in a future lesson. The aim is for students to then assess another student or group's opposing perspective and then be able to recreate their perspectives by incorporating both sides.

Students will hopefully have an experiential understanding of the contestability of historical events and be able to identify and create persuasive texts.

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Date: 06 April 2016 12:56 AM
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