Sequence: Simple Present diakladosh_ΤΡΟΠΟΠΟΙΗΜΕΝΗ

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Sequence: Simple Present diakladosh_ΤΡΟΠΟΠΟΙΗΜΕΝΗ
Keywords:english, grammar, simple present, tenses

Run time: approx. 45 minutes

Delivery Mode: in class

Resources:  no extra files required

Outline of Activities: To assess students on this grammatical feature (Simple Present)and make a revision on what they have learnt

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Audience: Elementary
Subjects: Language and Linguistics
Language: English
LAMS Version: 2.5.0.
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Date: 21 March 2016 02:43 PM
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    Καλή προσπάθεια

    Στη Διακλάδωση θα πρέπει να είναι πιο σαφείς οι δύο επιλογές ώστε να μπορεί να αποφασίσει ο μαθητής ποια προτιμά.
    Christina Michalopoulou on March 25, 2016 01:44 PM (view details)