Sequence: Environmental group Energy

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Sequence: Environmental group Energy
Keywords: Energy , types of energy , ways of saving energy

Run time: 3 hours

Delivery Mode: in class (school within prison)


Outline of Activities: The objectives of the project relate to be able pupils:
• To define the concept of energy
• To associate - associate human activity with this
• Identify the various sources of energy
• To categorize the energy in its various forms
• Understand the importance of saving energy for humans
• Be aware of ways to save energy and improve the energy efficiency of a building
• To discern and to choose from a set of resources - material information needed
• To produce recommendations (plan) for an ecological and resource-efficient building (building prison - prison)

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Audience: Middle school Elementary
Subjects: Education Environmental studies
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Date: 15 November 2014 09:54 AM
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