Sequence: Moral Values in Teacher Training1

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Sequence: Moral Values in Teacher Training1
Keywords: Teacher Training, Pre-service Teacher Education, Moral Values

Run time: 1+ hours

Delivery Mode: Online (could be hybrid online then face to face if replace final forum with face to face discussion).

Resources: None extra, but see slides from accompanying talk - attached

Outline of Activities: After an introduction and presentation of the Scenario, students choose from one of two choices. Their choice takes them to one or two branches with different developments of the Scenario, followed by a further two choices based on their branch (ie, 4 different end points). After completing their branch, they see all possible options, and then have a discussion of different moral values in relation to the Scenario.

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Audience: Further education Adult education College - University
Subjects: Education
Language: English
LAMS Version: 2.5.0.
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