Sequence: Developing Scenario Learning - Education

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Sequence: Developing Scenario Learning - Education
This sequence is based on the Developing Scenario Learning template (see elsewhere in LAMS sequence repository), where after a period of initial reflection and discussion, the scenario evolves, and so students must them reflect on how to adjust their plan of action. The template is based on an article about Developing Scenario Learning - see Dalziel (2012)

This example is based on a scenario for teacher training - including introduction of new technology and management of a staff member who does not adopt the new technology.

Keywords: Scenario, Problem Based Learning, Role Plays, Education, Technology, Staff Management

Run time: Varies - typically 2 weeks asynchronous, 1-2 hours synchronous.

Delivery Mode: Online, but easily adapted to blended online and face to face delivery (replace Forums with face to face discussion)

Resources: None. For accompanying conference presentation, see supporting files below.

Outline of Activities: See sequence.

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Audience: Further education Adult education College - University
Subjects: Education Psychology Other Technology
Language: English
LAMS Version: 2.5.0.
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