Sequence: POE - Template

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Sequence: POE - Template
This is a template for creating sequences using the eTeaching strategy "Predict-Observe-Explain". Further information about this approach is contained in the book "Practical eTeaching Strategies for Predict-Observe-Explain, Problem-Based Learning and Role Plays" by James Dalziel. See the "Books" section of for details.

Keywords: eTeaching strategy, Predict Observe Explain, template

Subject: Any

Audience: Any

Run time: 15min-1hour

Delivery Mode: Online or Hybrid Online/Face to face

Resources: None (you need to add your own resources to the template to suit your topic)

Outline of Activities:


Step 1 [Text page]: Introduction
Step 2 [Text page]: Description of topic for POE (e.g., describe experiment, show first half of video, etc)

Phase 1 – Predict

Step 3 [Voting]: Prediction – vote on one of several possible predictions
Step 4 [Voting]: Commitment – vote on level of confidence
Step 5 [Q&A]: Reason – describe prediction and reason for this prediction (answers shared with peers)

Phase 2 – Observation

Step 6 [Text page]: Students observe outcome (e.g., video) and record observations in private notebook

Phase 3 – Explain

Step 7 [Forum]: Student post messages to a discussion forum to explain their observations, and any differences to their prediction. They also try to explain the underlying reasons for their observations, and debate ideas with their peers. The teacher may provide additional resources or forum comments.

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