Sequence: ResearchBasedThinking

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Sequence: ResearchBasedThinking
Keywords: Technology, Teacher Education, Research, Thinking

Subject: Developing the Educational Research Thinking of Pre-service Teachers

Audience: Tertiary Education Students, Teachers Generally

Run time: 90 mins

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Resources: None

Outline of Activities: After defining ‘research’ and ‘research-based learning’, this sequence elicits participants disposition towards research in learning and teaching. Following this, participants are led through a three phase process of a) devising research questions, b) designing a research study, and c) developing the research study in LAMS. A post-lesson survey is used to measure the influence of the lesson on participants' attitudes towards research in learning and teaching, and a final questionnaire asks students to provide explicit reflections on the efficacy of the lesson.

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Language: English
LAMS Version: 2.3.4.
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Authored By:   Matt Bower
Date: 14 September 2010 08:14 PM
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