Sequence: Excel-format-print

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Sequence: Excel-format-print
In this sequence we teach students (14-15years old) to format and print in Excel data sheet. This is a 1 hour lesson for support the educational process in the info lab at school and to make available the basic points of the lesson to the students.

Keywords:Excel, datasheet

Subject:Greek, Excel formating data and print

Audience:14 - 15 years old to adult

Run time: 45 min in the class

Delivery Mode: in classroom (informatics lab)

Resources:Excel 2007 or older version is required
to complete the sequence
Outline of Activities:Learners can see some screen captured videos about formatting and printing data and tables in Excel datasheet and then they must create ant format an Excel file as an exercise. This file must be submitted for evaluation.

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Language: Greek
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Date: 16 June 2010 02:35 PM
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