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ΤΕΛΙΚΗ Easter in the UK - Δ. Στεφανίδου  
Keywords: english, UK, Easter, αγγλικά, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, Πάσχα

Run time: about 45΄

Delivery Mode: in class/ at home/ in class + at home

Resources: computer, internet connection, (projector for delivery in class)

Outline of Activities:

English Language

Students at A1-A2 level of the CEF in English.
Or students at Grades Ε΄& ΣΤ΄of Greek...

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Updated on: April 09, 2016
European Dimensions - version2  
Keywords: info on EU countries + short history

Run time: 45 minutes max.

Delivery Mode: at home

Resources: all included (internet connection necessary)

Outline of Activities: Introduction to EU history and learn member states basic info

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Updated on: April 03, 2016
a short CV of SHAKESPEARE  
Keywords: english A1-A2 LEVEL

Run time: about 15 minutes

Delivery Mode: in class - at home

Resources: no other needed

Outline of Activities: simple comprehension activities

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Updated on: March 30, 2016