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Social Constructivist Local Template  
Pedagogy: The social constructivist approach focuses on on the idea of ‘intersubjectivity’. Through social activities, such as discussion and debate, students share their ideas, which are transformed into internal mental models. Hence, students’ thinking is gradually transformed through observation and participation in social interactions. This kind of knowledge scaffolding is quite different...
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Updated on: September 19, 2014
Cognitivist Local Template  
Pedagogy: The cognitivist approach focuses on the individual student’s current knowledge base and how to extend it. Hence, the lesson sequence commences with a real-world example to tap into the student’s understanding and alerting the teacher to difficulties. The key idea is to acknowledge that students come to learning with many experiences and a rich knowledge based. Hence it is important...
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Instructionist Local Template  
Learning outcomes: The learning outcomes of this sequence are for students to understand and explain what the Fibonacci numbers are, the mathematical formula which defines the recurrent relation, and how the Fibonacci numbers relate to nature and the concept of the perfect rectangle

Keywords: Teacher education, Mathematics, Number sequence, Fibonacci numbers

Run time: approx 180 minutes...

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Updated on: September 19, 2014